Law and Leaders in our Society

Laws are in place to protect people against harm, according to Tom Head for. Societal rules also prevent vulnerable people from being exploited, and laws safeguard personal property. Laws also exist for granting goods and services to citizens. We can all benefit in following a certain law in our own community and country. On the other […]


Legal Studies Program


Legal Studies is an interdisciplinary, liberal arts major that engages the meanings, values, practices, and institutions of law and legality. The Legal Studies curriculum examines how law shapes and is shaped by political, economic, and cultural forces. The major is designed to stimulate critical understanding of and inquiry about the theoretical frameworks, historical dynamics, and cultural embedded of law.


The Legal Studies faculty and students grapple with important questions of social policy within the framework of significant concerns in jurisprudence and theories of justice. These concerns include individual liberty, privacy, and autonomy; political and social equality; the just distribution of resources and opportunities within society; the relationship between citizens and the state; democratic participation and representation; the moral commitments of the community; and the preservation of human dignity.


The major’s course offerings examine law and legality from both humanist and empirical perspectives. Courses are organized into interdisciplinary topical areas or “neighborhoods” that transcend disciplinary boundaries in the interest of collaborative inquiry. There is no minor.

Some of the areas studied in law studies with qualified compensation lawyers Sydney are: Compensation Law, Workers Compensation Law, Personal Injury Law and a many more law areas.